Albert Llop Yacobi

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Hi, I'm a computer guy who loves to code stuff in ruby, drink beer, and play all kinds of video games. I'm located in the best city of the world, Barcelona.

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  • Degree in Informatics Engineering

    Barcelona Informatics Faculty

    For the non-spanish people, that was a five year degree which we'd like to think to be equivalent to a classic 3 year degree plus a masters, more common in the rest of Europe. You can see how well I did in there. It's in catalan, sorry.


  • Xing AG

    Tech Lead - (November 2010 - present)

    Ruby backend development. The website has more than 10 million users, and it's backend development is done in perl (the original core) and in ruby (all other parts).

    The position of tech lead means communicating with other teams, trying to make sure that the best solution is found for the problems, caring about things like scalability and resopnse times, and being the product owner's bitch go to person for anything technical.

  • Institut Municipal d'Investigació Mèdica Hospital del Mar

    Software Developer - (February 2010 - November 2010)

    Ruby on Rails development of the internal administrative websites and general systems administration work.

  • Kings of Mambo

    Ruby on Rails developer - (2008 - 2010)

    Developed multiple projects, all different in size and requirements, with a small team of developers and designers.


  • Ruby

    My main area of expertise is within the ruby language. I did some development in Java when I was in the university, but have worked with ruby ever since. I've usually worked with Ruby on Rails applications, but have focused more lately on pure ruby development.

    From my professional experience I've worked on a wide variety of projects, small custom made apps, rather complex custom CMS implementations, and a rather big application with more than 30+ developers working on it.

    On my spare time I've worked on a couple of open source libraries, like a major refactoring of the gpgme gem, or a command line application to help install OSX applications a la homebrew (geoffrey install adium).

  • Systems administration

    In my work as web developer I've often had to work with all kinds of (hopefully unix) servers. It's my secret passion. Managing, monitoring, benchmarking, they are all words that I love.

    • I consider myself proficient in any unix environment.
    • I've managed installations of apache and nginx, and know how they work.
    • I was the responsible for the implementation of a chef server and the configuration of a number of clients, with the development of a custom series of cookbooks, in order to adapt them to the needs of our company, and automatically manage all the virtual servers dedicated to serve Rails applications.
    • I know what god and monit are.
  • Other skills

    • Plenty of experience with git.
    • Enough knowledge of html and css to implement this site. I could make it look good in Internet Explorer.
    • I've played around with javascript since the beginning, but never had the chance to build anything of importance. I understand the difference between developing for the browsers and for a server (with Node.js for example). I've never had any problems understanding any javascript code that I've had to deal with, but also never had any chance to develop anything profesionally with it.
    • Enough experience in sql to know when something is going to be really slow, or that if you use mysql and want to add a unique index in production, it will suck if you have millions of rows.